WPG Resources 2.1MVA Power Plant
Location: Peculiar Knob (Coober Pedy), S.A

Size: 2.1MVA Prime

Design, Construct, Install and Commission complete power system for the 350 man camp. Project consisted of civil works and crainage, 3 x 700kVA Caterpillar generators and automated load bank, 5000A IP56 Switchboard, electrical reticulation system, and 62000L bunded diesel storage tank complete with automated fuel system.
Beach Energy 450KVA Camp Power Plant
Project: Beach Energy Crude Run Power Plant

Location: Callawonga Camp, Cooper Basin

Size: 450kVA Prime

Design, Construct, Install and Commission 3 x 150kVA Prime Rate crude operable generators.
As the generators are powering Beach Energy’s primary camp, they were incorporated with automated load banks which reduces the chance of light loading during the day when the camp is empty. The generators are also attenuated to reduce the noise throughout the camp.
Driftwood Camp
Project: Beach Energy,

Location: Cooper Basin

Size: 300kVA Prime and Water Skid

Design and Construct Power Skid consisting of 2 x 150kVA Prime Rated synchronised diesel generators, automated load bank, main distribution board for camp reticulation and 10000L bunded diesel tank with automated top-up of generator day tanks.

Design and Construct self-contained 50000L potable water storage skid including automated pressure pump system
Bendigo Water 60dBA Generators
Project: Leighton Contractors, Veolia Water Standby Power Generation Plant

Location: Bendigo, Kyneton, Castlemaine and Lauriston, Victoria

Size: 3165kVA across 4 Sites

Design, Construct and Commission of 4 super silent generators as per:

1365kVA Perkins Diesel Generator, 40ft Container, 80dBA @ 1m

500kVA Perkins Diesel Generator, 20ft Container, 80dBA @ 1m

500kVA Perkins Diesel Generator, 20ft Container, 60dBA @ 1m

800kVA Perkins Diesel Generator, 20ft Container, 60dBA @ 1m
Senex/Beach Energy Crude Generators
Project: Senex Energy and Beach Energy unmanned ESPs, Beam and Shipping Pumps

Location: Cooper Basin S.A

Size: 150kVA Prime

Supply multiple 150kVA Prime Rated crude operable generators.
Generators have been designed and built for the harsh and arid conditions in mind. Some of the features include: heavy duty drag base provides various transport options, oversized alternators to overcome harmonics and high ambient temperatures, 55°C radiator packages
KRSP 2.4MW Offgrid Power Station
Project: Kimberly Regional Service Providers

Location: Kulumburu and Yungngora

Size: 2 x 1.2MW Prime

Details: Two remote unmanned power stations comprising 4x 300kW Scania Engines built into customised 20ft High Cube containers with external cooling systems. Canopy’s were bunded to 110%, built for ambient temperatures of 55°C and have a noise rating of less than 80dBA @ 1m. Both sites included an automated lube oil and coolant system located in a Hazchem certified container for replenishment
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